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Coaching Requirements for 2011

Coaching Requirements for 2011Season

M E M O R A N D U M TO: All Coaches & Associations
DATE: December 1, 2008
FROM: Sarah Garrett, Program Coordinator
RE: NCCP Requirements
Dear Coaches & Association Officials;
Softball BC has now expanded the clinic’s offered in the NCCP streams. We have changed the NCCP requirements for coaches for the upcoming year. Our Softball BC 2009 Handbook will read:

12.5 – A) Squirt “A & B”, Pee Wee “B & C”, Bantam “C” and Midget “C” – minimum NCCP Community – Sport On-Going Participation with completion of Making Ethical Decisions Evaluation Midget “A & B” Bantam “A & B” Pee Wee “A” – minimum NCCP Introduction to Competition training (i.e. attended clinic 1&2 with completion of Making Ethical Decisions Evaluation

Softball BC will begin to offer two full streams of coaching certification “Community-Sport” and “Competition-Introduction.” Community – Sport is a weekend course that will include the majority of the modules taught in Competition-Introduction Clinic 1 but will be aimed at a recreation/community coach with little or no experience. More time will be spent in the Community Sport on fundamentals than in Competition-Introduction which will also cover strategies. If the Western or Canadian Championships are in your teams’ future than the Competition-Introduction stream is for you.

Community-Sport vs. Competition – Introduction – Clinic One

*12 – 14 hour weekend course *14-16 hour weekend course

*covers the following modules: *covers the following modules:

– Fundamental Skills – Fundamentals Skills

– Practice Planning – Role of a Coach

– Positions, Skills & drills – Practice Planning

– Rulebook & rules – Rules

– Clinic wrap up -Offensive strategies

– Clinic wrap up

– On-Field Evaluation

*Making Ethical Decisions Module *Making Ethical Decision Module

included in course content included in course content

*Softball Canada Clinic 1 manual used *Softball Canada clinic 1 manual used

**All NCCP certified coaches Level I, II & II from the old NCCP program are fully certified and are not at this time required to take the Making Ethical Decisions Evaluation”.