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Coaches Contact List 2018 Season

Team Title Name Phone E-mail
LTP Guthrie Head Coach Jon Guthrie  250-665-7538
LTP Moore Head Coach Shannon Moore
U10 Braun Head Coach Ryan Braun 778-351-2500
U10 Guthrie Head Coach Jon Guthrie 250-665-7538
U12B Forsberg Head Coach Chris Forsberg 250-544-1636
U 12C Fisher Head Coach Blair Fisher 778-238-6716
U14B Ross Head Coach Jim Ross 250-656-2377-250-477-0668
U14C Mc Ewen Head Coach Gwen McEwen 778-351-1102
U16B Wake Head Coach John Wake 250-588-6192
U16C  Phillip Head Coach Lance Phillip 250-652-8310
U19B Gregoire Head Coach Bill Gregoire 250-857-0775
 U19C Herle  Head Coach Dale Herle
U19C Lebbetter  Head Coach Tom lebbetter

Please be advised that if you are contacting one of our Central Saanich Fastpitch Coaches to cancel/rebook a regular scheduled game, we will require 48hrs Notice prior to the game time, as per S.V.I rules, and as a courtesy to our Umpires for any type of game cancellations.
Central Saanich coaches please ensure that our Umpire Scheduler Angie Walters is notified in all cases that the Umpires scheduled are no longer required. Angie can be reached at telephone 250-652-6566 and e-mail  it is an absolute must that you make every effort to speak with Angie, about umpires not being required A.S.A.P.